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Bird Watching

Domain of Holistic Villas

Hill Myna – (සැලළිහිණියා)

Birds watching in our villas

Bird friendly Villas Many birds, both endemic and migratory, can be seen in the Mahaweli River bands and Hanthana hills. 16 endemics out of 65 bird species, 6-9 sightings of endemics within approximately 3 hours (between 6-9 am and 3-6 pm) is a common occurrence – within our own naturalist you can recognize in our surrounding area.


Larger than the Common Myna; larger than the Salalihiniya but very similar to it except for the lack of wattles on the back of the head and some black at the base of the beak. Both sexes look the same, and the young are only duller and have smaller wattles.


It lives in scattered colonies, but it does not appear to be as gregarious as Salalihiniya (Common Hill-Myna), which is usually found in pairs. It prefers tall trees and can be found in the heart of tall forests, as well as estates and village gardens in their vicinity. It’s a fidgety bird. Wild fruits such as banyan, bo, and nuga figs, wild nutmegs, and sapu seeds make up the diet. the breeding season lasts from February to May, with a secondary season from August to September. The nest is built in a hollowed-out tree bole or large branch. The two eggs are pale prussian blue with purplish brown blotches. They are approximately 325mm in length.

Animal Life

A thrilling wilderness awaits at Holistic Villas Hanthana

The hanthana hills are home to an abundance of animal life. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for trooping monkeys or porcupine prickles. Sri Lanka also has a diverse range of birds, with over 400 species, 33 of which are endemic. Many of these species are found right here in the Hanthana region, so you will be spoiled for choice.The hanthana mountain range is home to a wide range of animal species, including fishing cats, civets, wild boars, hares, a variety of monkeys, foxes, hedgehogs, and the elusive leopards.

The slender lorises


The slender lorises (Loris) are a loris genus found in Sri Lanka. The genus contains two species: the red slender loris of Sri Lanka and the gray slender Loris of Sri Lanka. Slender lorises spend the majority of their lives in trees, moving slowly and precisely along the tops of branches. They can be found in tropical rainforests, scrub forests, semi-deciduous forests, and swamps, among other places. The primates are nocturnal and have a lifespan of about 15 years. Insects, reptiles, plant shoots, and fruit are common foods for slender lorises.

Mountain Life

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This exquisite slice of mountain life, embraced by the warmth of the Indian Ocean and sought after by sun-seeking surfers, will captivate you. Enjoy the untouched and unspoiled beauty of Sri Lanka’s Kandy

Delicious Tea

Ceylon Tea Museum

Discover the home and process of the Ceylon Tea

The Ceylon Tea Museum is located in the former Hanthana Tea Factory, which was originally constructed in 1925. It is situated 3 km south of Kandy. Hanthana was one of the first successful areas to cultivate tea following the failure of coffee production on the island

Beautiful magnificent sights of Hanthana

Breath-taking Encounters

The trail around Holistic Villas Hanthana boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and mountain views, making for some truly inspiring nature walks. Beautiful magnificent sights of Hanthana The Hanthana region is a veritable treasure trove of flora and fauna, some of which are only found in this part of the island. Our knowledgeable in-house Naturalist will be happy to help you better understand the area’s plant and animal life. Our Naturalist will create specialized presentations to educate you before embarking on a nature walk, covering everything from over 120 bird species to endemic butterflies and trees.Whatever your age, you can have a truly insightful experience with this expert who will engage with you to increase your own knowledge of Nature’s secrets in the Hanthana region.

Saving Sri Lanka's Elephants

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala is a village in Sri Lanka’s Kegalle District, It’s known for its elephant orphanage, which is a nature and wildlife area that’s open from 8:30 AM–6 PM. The orphanage is home to 88 elephants, most of which were rescued because they were injured or abandoned by their mothers. Some were born in captivity.

Discover an ancient kingdom

Tours of Kandy

Kandy’s hill country capital was once an ancient kingdom; it is now listed as a world heritage site due to its historically and culturally significant location, close to Hanthana. Day trips to special places such as the Temple of the Tooth Relic and Kandy Lake can be organized. The Kandy Central Market is a treasure trove of local souvenirs. We can also arrange day trips from Hanthana to world heritage sites such as Sigiriya, the Golden Temple of Dabulla, and the cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradapura.The Sacred Tooth Relic, housed at the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, is regarded and worshiped as the living Lord Buddha. As a result, there are daily, weekly, and annual poojas and rituals. Among them is the Dalada Perahera, also known as the Kandy Esala Perahera, which is held annually in the month of Esala (July). It is revered as the pinnacle of the country’s Buddhist celebrations and is endowed with divinity. The four sacred tooth relics remained intact following Mahaparinirvana, according to the Maha Parinibbana sutta of the Deegha Chapter, along with a few other sacred relics. Due to the ongoing conflicts in the kingdom of Kaalinga during the reign of King Mutaseewa, Lord Buddha’s left canine tooth, one of the four Tooth Relics blessed with Sri Saddhamma for 45 years, was brought to Sri Lanka. During the reign of King Kithsirimewan, Princess Hemamala and Prince Dantha brought the Tooth Relic to Sri Lanka in order to protect the Sacred Tooth Relic. This incident occurred in 310 A.D.

Discover an ancient kingdom

Kandy Esala Perahera

During the reign of King Kithsirimewan, Hemamala and Prince Dantha brought the Tooth Relic to Sri Lanka in order to protect the Sacred Tooth Relic. The Dalada Perahera tradition, which was based on Buddhist respect and kindness, was combined with Devala rituals, which prioritized ultimate humanity.

The Kandy Esala Perahera Casket, which is regarded as a living Lord Buddha and parades through the streets, is revered by divinity, humanity, and elephants. This is the world’s oldest cultural event, and it continues with its colorful, glamorous splendour, making it an out-of-this-world experience.elic. This incident occurred in 310 A.D.